Our brand vision

The summary of the dach & fach strunz brand vision

Brand identity
dach & fach strunz is your expert for the construction of special rooftops and façades

Brand mission
we provide clarification, self-perception and individuality for our building owners in every aspect of the planning and implementation

Brand trust
dach & fach strunz stands for masterly skills paired with a high design expertise. Always and everywhere

we set the highest standards in technical execution and functionality – individually and emotionally

you can harmonize your personality and your ideas of successful architecture with a roof or a façade by Andreas Strunz

Reason Why
live sustainability and show your personal uniqueness with a roof or a façade by Andreas Strunz

Brand values
Design. Self-image. Power.

Brand tonality
precise, authentic, self-confident

Brand signals
photographic documentation, illustration, text, Corporate Color: Orange

Target group 
all construction owners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland