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Why do we build metal rooftops and metal facades?

Equally to you, we want to build the most stylish rooftops of the world.

We have 30 years of know-how in the building plumber craftmanship, a team of experienced and customer-orientated empoyees with a love for craftmanship.

We build metal rooftops and metal facades for the private or industrial buildings.

 Functional. Ecological. Exclusive.


Andreas Strunz

master roofer and manager of dach & fach strunz GmbH

Definition metal rooftops and metal façades

Metal is used as a material for roof cladding and façade cladding more frequently nowadays.

Rooftops are cladded with differently shaped roof plates made of titanium zinc. The cladding with metal roof tiles can take the shape in the optics of the traditional clay bricks.

Facades are structured through different panels with double standing seams or angled standing seams. Different joint widths offer an additional structuring method. Titanium zinc is available in multiple colors for a house with an individual character.

Application possibilities for metal rooftops and metal façades

There are almost unlimited design possibilities. Examples for application possibilities for the rooftop range from a full cladding up to dormers, balconies and canopies, chimney- and gable cladding as well as wall coverage, window sills, gutters and ledges.

Depending on the slope, you can choose between different design possibilities for the façadethat gives your façade its own character and structure.

If you have concrete ideas and visions how to shape your rooftop or the façade, arrange a meeting so we can proof the implementation possibilities together and begin the development.

A good inspiration source offers Pinterest, where the different types are shown.

What is to consider while planning metal rooftops and metal façades?

If a metal roof is suited for your construction projects decides at first instance the development plan of your city or community. This plan dictates all regulations on how to construct in this area. This includes the design of the rooftop (form, color, material). Often it is the color decisive, not so much the material. With the different color nuances of titanium zinc, you can fulfill these requirements.

It is preferable in any case to access the eligible development plan beforehand, so no unpleasant surprise will follow. You can find this plan at the building regulation office, the community administration or the urban planning office, there is often an online version.

A metal rooftop can be installed with a slope as of 5 degrees with the advantage of a low weight of 6 kg/ m2. A tiled rooftop weights in comparison 40 kg/ m2 (6 times heavier) and needs 15 single roof tiles per m2.

The structure is to be designed individually, depending on what requirements the different design possibilities call for.

For the industrial buildings are metal rooftops and metal facades a good investment.

How long in advance do I have to start planning?

 A prompt realization is given with both, the tiled rooftop and the metal rooftop. In the case of structural modifications, you have to take the process time for the planning application into account. During the development phase dach & fach strunz assists you in all matters, the duration depends on your individual wishes, so a timely planning is advisable.

The chosen material has to be ordered and prepared in the workshop. That has the advantage, that the material is already finished and there has to be no adjustments on construction site.

The same applies for the metal façade.

What are the costs for metal rooftops and metal façades?

Every rooftop and every façade is different and offers diverse design possibilities with laborious

special forms. For that matter there is no all-in price possible. The costs depend on your individual ideas and the size of the rooftop/ façade.

At the first glance the metal rooftop appears to be more expensive in comparison to the traditional

tiled rooftop, because the substructure is more expensive. The metal rooftop on the other hand needs less (to non) maintenance work, storm damage is almost excluded, and the durability is set to ca. 100 years. The tiled rooftop has a high maintenance liability, especially due to storm damage.

Every rooftop is exposed to temperature fluctuations from -20°C up to 100°C from winter to summer, with that kind of climate change there are detected more and more hair cracks on tiled rooftops, that lower the durability.

Although the costs of the metal rooftop are up to 20 – 30 % more expensive, you are more flexible in the usage of the roof-surface and attics.

How long is the installation time of metal rooftops and façades?

The montage of the tiled rooftop and the metal rooftop don't differentiate too much in the durantion. The zinc rooftop is easliy build because of the individual elements, that are prepared in advance.

How long is the durability of a metal rooftop and façade and what aspects are to be considered for the maintenance?

The durability of metal rooftops and façades with titanium zinc is in average 100 years, without bigger maintenance work required. They protect your building structure against all atmospheric influences. The long durability is only one of the advantages of titanium zinc.

Even in matters regarding sustainability titanium zinc offers many aspects that should be considered in regard to the environment for us and the next generations.

How is the metal rooftop structured?

Every rooftop calls for a truss, that goes by the desired form. On top of that, there is the full-surface casing and the metal front. The insulation is integrable on demand.

Do I need an insulation?

The insulation is in any case recommended. Metal rooftops/ façades depend strongly on temperature and are heat conductors.

With every new building development, you should include the insulation right from the beginning. For uninsulated rooftops you should consider an energetic reconstruction. As a partner we call on HOMATHERM for that regard.

Besides the heat insulation, you should consider the sound insulation. An uninsulated metal roof can be very noisy during rain and hail.

Can you install solar energy systems or photovoltaics on a metal rooftop?

If a solar energy system or photovoltaics can be installed, depends primarily on the load capacity of the substructure. If you are developing a new building you should plan the load requirements ahead as well as the attachment points.

For the installation on an already existing building, it depends also on the holding force of the metal cladding on the substructure. This has to be examined on site.

Can you combine a metal roof with a green roof?

The ecological benefits of green roofs are beyond any doubt. In combination with a metal rooftop there can be created thrilling contrasts and it offers advantages (for example water drainage). The runoff coefficient can be bisected through the vegetation.

It is also a natural protection against the strong heating of the surface in the summertime and prevents noises under the roof because of for example rain.

What a green roof entails and looks like, we explain here and there can be found more examples on your partners website.

Can you install metal rooftops on landmarked buildings?

If an installation is allowed depends on the monument conservation regulations. Old buildings and monuments mostly demand the traditional tiled roof.