Industrial buildings

Industrial rooftop- and façade techniques

We offer the latest and most efficient solution for the rooftop- and façade design of your industrial building.

We support you during the development of your new construction with the consideration of your production conditions.

Together we will find the fitting solution, no matter if it is a flatroof, shedroof or pitched roof, including the right lightsource and drainage system.

During renovations we consider every requirement of the different rooftop- and façade surfaces and update the insulation and the fire prevention measures according to the industrial building guidelines.

Our service range includes the installation of fall protection (anchor points, guardrails and fall-through protection).

All advantages of industrial buldings at a glance

  • Most efficient solutions for rooftop- and façade design
  • Space- and material savings because of the fitting drainage system
  • Renovation works will be adjusted to the running production process without interference of the operating procedure
  • Protection of the building structure with weather-resistant, recyclable material
  • Professional planning of sealing, that react to the temperature alterations in the next years
  • Fire-prevention measures according to the industrial building guidelines
  • Installation of fall protection for every circumstance
  • Additional use with the extension to a green rooftop or with photovoltaics

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