Flat rooftops in private and industrial areas

Created by Andreas Strunz |

Have you considered the possibility of a flat rooftop?

You have to consider a lot of factors while planning your perfect private home. The choice of the right roof offers you a lot of form options, which are to be researched carefully before building your home with the consideration of pros and cons. Have you considered the possibility of a flat rooftop?  

The flat rooftop stood a long time for a characteristic of the industrial building. Nowadays it enjoys a good reputation in the contemporary architecture in the private sector with a great popularity. A flat roof offers a lot of different design possibilities like terracing or green areas. At the same time you will avoid slopes in your living area and have an optimal use of the room.. 

The insulation and sealing play a big part in the realization of a flat roof, because it is the most demanded part of a building. It has to cope with extreme exposure and temperature fluctuations form -22°F up to 194°F, as well as environmental influences like snow and hail. A precise material choice, planning and installation is indispensable to guarantee a long lifetime.Together with our partner Bauder we will provide the best possibilities for the realization of your flat roof.