Building plumber/ drainage

dach & fach strunz values metal as a component for the roof

Because of our love for the material, we take care of all building plumber work for you.

This range of services includes covering of metal rooftops and façades, chimney- and attica cladding with titanium zinc as well as the installation of titanium zinc window sills and fire barriers. We take also care of the right roof drainage with insulation, downpipes and roof gutters.

The metal not only stands for a long lifetime of the building structure but has also an optical appeal. dach & fach strunz uses zinc for all metal applications. The so called titanium zinc is an alloy and contains small amounts of zinc, copper and aluminum. Because of that the material will be less demure and more corrosion-resistant.

All advantages of titanium zinc at a glance

  • natural material
  • no coating or surface protection necessary
  • permanently free of maintenance and cleaning due to its self-cleaning character and because of natural aging as well as contact with rainwater
  • exceptional long lifetime because of corrosion resistance and development of a non-poisonous protection layer
  • low natural erosion
  • UV resistance
  • environmental friendly
  • unbreakable
  • 100 % recyclable
  • Eeasy application



with metal cladding consisting of titanium zinc offer an aesthetical upgrade of your roof. The dormers fit optimally in the existing structure and are an appropriate element for the connection within renovations

rooftop terraces, balconies and canopies

in titanium zinc structure your building space with various design possibilities. Balcony railings and balustrades receive an optimal atmospheric influences protection with a long lifetime.

chimney claddings

in titanium zinc fit in ideally in the roof composition and are combinable with a lot of different materials. We take care of the correct connection to the roof with the formable material.

Wall coverage, window sills, roof edges, fire barriers and ledges

will get an optically appealing protection for a permanent durability through titanium zinc.

Gable claddings

in titanium zinc increase the optical aesthetics of your building. They offer additional protection against all environmental influences and protect the gable permanently and maintenance-free.