Metal façade

The special eye-catcher for your project

Modern architecture is always looking for new individual design expressions. An essential practicality should be linked with the artistic expression.

An exclusivity is imparted through a metal façade in titanium zinc. Its fascination almost no spectator can withdraw from. 

Because of present manufacturing processes and technologies metal façades are feasible in private living- or business buildings. Discover the numerous design possibilities the material offers with us. It convinces because of its evenness, deformability and purified surfaces.

easily explained: Metal roof

All advantages of metal façades at a glance

  • original design expressions are possible
  • high quality building protection at any weather condition
  • long living and maintenance-free material
  • thermal insulation includable
  • environmentally friendly because of the low-emission and recyclable material

Applications of the metal façades

Plug in panels

Plug in panels are self-supporting and can be laid horizontally or vertically and are useable with a flat or slightly curved façade.
With the choice of the joint connection you can create a shadow joint that gives an extra structure in the façade. Furthermore, you can structure and individualize your façade with the joint width.


Shingles are optimal for metal façades with an inclination of 25 to 45 degrees. With their aesthetics they fit in perfectly in the overall picture of any architectonical style direction. You can choose between patterns that are diamond-shaped, quadrats or tears.


Diamond-shapes can be applied in patterns like pointed diamonds or quadrates. Smaller shapes are the ideal choice for dormers or chimney claddings, because of their ability to be adjusted easily. You can lay them out vertically, horizontally or diagonally.