Pressure drainage

The effective alternative for the gravity drainage

You need for your flat roof on an industrial building an effective drainage? But you only have limited space under the ceiling and only a few pillars inside your hall for downpipes?

As an effective alternative for the common gravity drainage we recommend the pressure drainage.

The advantages of this system lie in the low material costs and the installation without descent below the ceiling, that saves space. You will have furthermore savings of material and space because of the lesser number of down pipes.

The pressure draining can be implemented at large rooftop areas from 150 m2 upwards. A minimal height from 4,2 m between rooftop and backflow level must exist for the system to work.

dach & fach strunz takes care of planning, calculation and the fitting material choice of the different gullies and pipelines. This has to be coordinated with the occurrences of your rooftop, because different inclinations and green areas call for different calculation bases.

easily explained: Metal roof

All advantages of the pressure drainage at a glance

  • saving of space and materialcosts
  • the higher flow velocities take care of the self-cleaning of the pipes
  • lesser maintenance effort
  • higher drainage effect of rainwater than with gravity drainage
  • lesser earthworks and usable independent of the site gradient
  • lesser laying depth than gravity drainages
  • high safety level