Flat rooftop

The flat roof, originally primarily used in industrial construction, has experienced an increased renaissance in the contemporary architecture.

The precise forms create linear spatial bodies with their own appealing charm, not only in industrial constructions, but in private house constructions as well. They are suited for extended utilization possibilities such as rooftop terraces and green rooftops

Flat rooftops call for high requirements on insulation and sealing, a professional development and execution secure a long lifetime.

All advantages of flat rooftops at a glance

  • best possible use of space without slopes
  • additional living space can be gained through rooftop terraces and green rooftops
  • solar thermal energy- and photovoltaic systems can be installed and are easily accessible
  • the floor plans of your building are customizable and can easily be expanded
  • installation of light sources (light domes) create additional daylight