Metal roof

Emphasize the features of your rooftop with metal

The individual roof shapes and independent design possibilities of metal rooftops are extremely interesting for architects as well as building owners. 

They value the long lifetime and the maintenance-freedom of titanium zinc, that creates a unique highlight due to its versatile color nuances.

The metal provides furthermore for a permanent protection of the building structure against all atmospheric influences.

easily explained: Metal roof

All advantages of metal rooftops at a glance

  • increase of the roof stability due to the robust material titanium zinc
  • weather-resistant and withstands all atmospheric influences
  • maintenance-freedom
  • long lifetime for generations
  • permanent protection of the building structure
  • titanium zinc is highly environmentally friendly and 100 % recyclable
  • multitude of design possibilities in different color nuances
  • optimal for building within existing structure
  • material contrast